Darion Shabbash is one of the representatives of street art and graffiti culture in Almaty. She made her first graffiti at Snickers Urbania in 2003. She came back only after a long break in 2012 and tried to combine work and drawing. In 2013 she left her job to devote all her time to drawing at night and self-expression.
May 2015 – а 8×8 m wall for the Art of You project. Almaty
June 2015 – a joint exhibition “In a Museum”. Almaty
July 2015 –a 8×4 m wall for Astana Art Fest. Astana
July 2015 – participation in painting of the wall of a school together with Marina Zumi and a team of local artists. Almaty
August 2015 – a wall in Artpoint open urban area. Almaty
August 2015 – a five-storied wall for Arbat Fest (Mural Art). Almaty
September 2015 – participation in the “Urban Dawn” international street art exhibition. Almaty
October 2015 – participation in the “Zasstar” exhibition for the first President’s fund. Almaty
October 2015 –a 8×4 m wall of school № 35 (Mural Art). Almaty
November 2015 – participation in the “Forever Live” exhibition. Almaty
December 2015 – participation in the Supermarket exhibition. London UK
22 January 2016 — a 8×8 m wall for AstanaArtFest presentation. Almaty.
8 -11 April 2016 — participation in the ArtWHOart exhibition. Moscow. Russia.
30 August 2016 — participation in the ARTMOSSPHERE biennale of street art. Moscow. Russia.